Rose's is a band that was founded for my diploma work at the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory in Finland. I had long wanted to make my own music and then last fall when I started to study folk music at the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory I decided that I would make a record of my ownmusic. This possibility was given to us by the conservatory and I wanted to use it. So I wrote these eight songs during the last year and made them into music with the help of my beautiful band.

My music is about love. It is about the love between two human beings, it is about the love for all the people around us no matter how different, and it is about the love for the life. Can you feel this love? Can you show this love? I find my musical inspiration in my own life, in the nature and in the world around. I hope to make my mark on this world through this.


Laura Suurla - vocals

Set Häkkinen - el. guitar

Pyry Halttula - ac. guitar

Enni Yli-Vainio - keyboards

Julius Kokko - bass

Oskari Paakki - drums